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An overview of MDM and why it’s relevant to CFOs

The need to stay securely connected is essential in this digital age. Mobile Device Management or MDM is that toolset that provides the workforce of your enterprise with mobile devices, tools and application while ensuring your corporate data is secure.  

The need to stay connected has resulted in mobile devices becoming quintessential to the growth of an organization. Laptops, mobile phones, and desktops are vital for productivity and efficiency which in turn has a huge impact on overall growth. On the other hand, enterprise mobile devices have access to critical business data and are highly vulnerable to security lapses in case of any security breach. Hence it has become important for CFO’s to pay close attention to their MDM strategy so that they can build an effective MDM platform that helps keep all devices secure while keeping the workforce flexible and productive.  

 It’s a tough ask for CFOs to get the best of both worlds in one MDM strategy. But it is possible with a mature MDM strategy that is customized as per the size and needs of the organization.  

 Let’s get to the most basic question for MDM which is what are the essential components of an MDM solution?  

  • Mobile Management: Your Managed Service Provider is responsible for procuring, managing, deploying and supporting mobile devices for your workforce. Meanwhile your IT teams support the function by working on the day-to-day maintenance of the device and are also responsible for troubleshooting any problems that come up. They ensure each device before it reaches an employee is equipped with access to relevant applications so that employees are ready to start working from day zero. Nowadays Mobile Management also encompasses offline onboarding where new employees are integrated into the system remotely with minimal hassle as Service Providers like Brilyant have enabled the option for delivery at the doorstep with a complete and secure setup.  
  • Identity and Access Management: Your enterprise requires strong Identity and Access Management. With IAM, your IT Teams can manage user identities associated with every device. The user’s access can be regulated with IAM features like SSO and multifactor authentication.  
  • Endpoint Security: Endpoint security encompasses every single mobile device within the enterprise that has access to a network. End-point security includes tools for network security such as antivirus software, incident response, cloud security and so much more.  

It is crucial for CFOs to work with Managed Service Providers that ensure end-to-end support so that IT Teams of enterprises have minimized hassle and there is one point of contact for all types of solutions. Since MDM as a solution has many moving parts, it is critical to choose a provider that assures quality, is cost-effective and most of all is curated as per the needs of your business.  

 Brilyant is one of India’s leading Managed Service Provider and we have worked for the past few years with various enterprises across industries and have successfully implemented strong and resilient MDM infrastructure. What makes us valuable as a Service Provider and IT Partner is that: 

  • We are associated with 50+ partners and OEM’s that give assured and trusted devices, tools or solutions. To name a few, Brilyant is one of the few Service Providers that is an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller and is also Dell’s Platinum Partner.  
  • 1000+ customers and many projects delivered successfully along with long-standing partnerships with many enterprises.  
  • Our solutions are curated as per the industry, size and scale of your business.  
  • We constantly equip our IT experts with the latest skills and tools to help them serve enterprises better.  
  • Under our wing, we run several training & enablement programs for IT Teams across enterprises to stay updated with the latest industry trend.  

If you are looking or know someone who is need of a reputed Managed Service Provider for establishing a strong MDM Infrastructure then Brilyant is the one-stop shop for you. Get in touch with our team today to know more about what kind of MDM Solutions will fit the needs of your enterprise.  

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