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Why do CIOs need a comprehensive ADLD cover for their Apple fleet?

$4.4 Trillion is the forecasted IT spending by the end of 2022 as per a Gartner report. In spite of strong growth in IT budgets over the past few decades, according to a Deloitte report, 88% of surveyed organisations expect to pursue cost improvement over the next 24 months regardless of their revenues. An effective cost management strategy can help enterprises gain a competitive advantage while redirecting investments to much-needed growth areas. A large portion of the technology budget goes towards business operations, while a small percentage is utilised for business innovation which is very critical in times when the economic landscape is constantly shifting.

Being cost efficient doesn’t necessarily mean drastic strategic changes, the changes can be at a rudimentary level. The most fundamental change in cost management strategy is the management of mobile devices and ensuring that they have a protection plan to avoid any last-minute costs which sometimes can occur due to ADLD.  

ADLD stands for Accidental and Liquid Damage and occurs when there is any malfunction in your devices because of accidental and physical damages. Such packages are critical when devices have unforeseen damages. Incidents of accidental damages can incur high, unprecedented costs that dip into your Infrastructure and Operations budget. For example, if devices don’t have an ADLD cover, then CIO’s can expect to shell out $300 for repairing one MacBook, which then adds up to a copious amount for the entire organisation.   

 C4U Enterprise is a protection package offered by C4U, the services arm of Brilyant and governs the post-sales support process for ADLD damages for select Apple devices. This plan is built exclusively for Brilyant’s corporate customers to expediate quality, economical repair service with 100% repair costs borne by Brilyant and zero hidden costs or processing fees to enterprises with an Apple fleet.   

While building the C4U Enterprise package, we identified some key industry pain points with other coverage plans in the industry:

  • Expensive plans with hidden costs and high processing fees during service request.  
  • Hassle of visiting service centres after damage. 
  • Lack of service options for remote locations.   
  • Lengthy processing period for service requests. 

The C4U Enterprise package has an overall warranty of three years with ADLD cover for the same period and two years of EW (Extended Warranty). Under this package, you can avail up to three support requests; once per year.  

 In a bid to revolutionise packages offering ADLD covers, C4U Enterprise offers the following:  

  • It provides services pan-India, with options for on-site service, as well as pick-up and drop services. This provision reduces the overall time from processing service requests to delivering the repaired devices back.  
  • The service guarantees no questions asked post-sales coverage as well as stress-free pre-approved repairs.  
  • With 24/7 telephonic support, Apple experts at Brilyant will provide remote diagnosis and unlimited technical support. Enterprises also have access to dedicated support coordinators for additional assistance.   
  • Brilyant is an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller and an Apple Authorised Service Provider, and C4U’s strict adherence to quality control measures ensures that every repair or replacement of devices is Apple certified.   
  • It is an economically priced package with zero processing fees and no hidden costs.   

C4U Enterprise is one comprehensive package that ensures enterprises spend more time building their business while we look after the daily operational hassles. This package is ideal for IT managers who need economically priced package with the added convenience of no questions asked service. All-in-all, it’s the perfect solution that bridges the gap for all coverage needs from an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller (AAER). 

To learn more visit C4U page or get in touch with our experts who will walk you through the details of the package.  

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