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Purpose-built for smart classrooms of today

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Empowering classrooms with efficient Apple Management

Jamf School is a purpose-built mobile device management solution (MDM) for education. With its intuitive web-based interface — deploying, conducting inventory and securing Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV has never been 

Features :

  • Keep track of managed devices, users and apps.  
  • Drag and drop apps, manage content and restrictions.  
  • Hide unrelated content for students  
  • Keep track of device damage or other problems. 
  • Empower the use of apps to facilitate teaching and learning. 

The standard for Apple Management

Jamf Pro — the standard for Apple management — is an industry-leading solution that delivers the best and most secure end user experience for Mac, iPad, iPhone and AppleTV.

Features :

  • Customize devices for the optimal user experience. 
  • Automated and secure app management. 
  • Manage inventory with ease.  
  • Zero-Touch Deployment.  
  • Self Service without the hassle of help desk ticket. 
  • Secure devices by leveraging native security features.  

Protect Apple endpoints against Mac-specific threats

Developed exclusively for macOS, Jamf Protect provides a complete solution to maintain endpoint compliance, monitor for, respond to, and remediate security incidents on macOS with minimal impact to the device and end-user experience.

Features :

  • Detect and hunt Mac-specific threats 
  • Prevent known macOS malware 
  • Monitor for Mac endpoint compliance 
  • Speed up Incident Response on Macs 
  • Meet end-user expectations 
  • Support from day of release 

Transform provisioning and identity management

Jamf Connect allows for simple provisioning of users from a cloud identity service during an Apple provisioning workflow, complete with multi-factor authentication.  

Features :

  • Access Mac and applications with a single identity. 
  • Monitor device access. 
  • Synchronize user’s cloud-identity passwords  

Safe and private connections for students

Incorporating Jamf Data Policy and Jamf Threat Defense functionality, Jamf Safe Internet is an educational content-filtering solution that ensures students can navigate the internet without reserve or fear.

Features :

  • Customize content control for each class.  
  • Easy to setup, deploy, filter and report. 
  • Seamlessly integrate with Jamf School to make deployment simple. 


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